Dr Kate Lindsay

Dr Kate Lindsay was born in London, living the first few years of her life in Vancouver, Canada and then migrated to Cape Town, South Africa. She completed her medical degree at the University of Cape Town but squeezed in a year in New Zealand after finishing school.

After this, Dr Lindsay pursued her passionate love of travel and adventure, moving to Australia. Whilst working as a junior doctor, she discovered another passion – psychiatry and commenced training in this field. She completed training in 2001 and has been working as a psychiatrist in public and private psychiatry since. Dr Lindsay’s experience in psychiatry has been broad with a particular interest in perinatal psychiatry, transcultural, general adult and early intervention.

She has been fortunate to work across Australia in Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and now Sydney, New South Wales. She also spent six years working in The Sultanate of Oman, as a psychiatrist and three years in Singapore whilst studying for a Diploma in Medical Education, which she completed in 2019. Currently, Dr Lindsay works as a psychiatrist at the Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney.

Throughout her travels and life experiences, she has been privileged to learn about people from many different cultures. This has highlighted to her the wonderful kaleidoscope of differences between us all, but also the shared commonalities. One of the strongest commonalities is the desire to have a family. Having had family of her own struggle to achieve this goal, Dr Lindsay is very enthusiastic about her work at FertilityPsych supporting others in their journey to achieve this goal.