The cost of FertilityPsych services are primarily dependent on your location in Australia. The following page describes the base rate and remoteness rebate.

Assessment reports from FertilityPsych are charged at AMA rates.

The out of pocket cost of your report is dependent on your location within Australia.  Medicare rebates are available for all clients with a valid Medicare card, however are more substantial for those living outside major metropolitan areas (as determined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics remoteness classification).

To determine your remoteness classification:

  • Log onto health-workforce-locator
  • Tick the “Modified Monash Model (2019)” check box
  • Type in your address and press enter
  • Your remoteness classification will be displayed

Medicare provides some rebate for clients located in MMM1 areas. If your MMM rating is from MMM2 – MMM7 you are able to access significant Medicare funding for your appointment.

Please note,  you must have a current GP referral requesting an assessment and treatment plan in order to obtain a rebate.