We are sharing some of the data we have collected so that you can consider how you compare to others that have used FertilityPsych services.


The following is a distribution pattern of ages of women seen covering the period 2018 to 2020.

Age Distribution (updated Sept 2021)


Since our beginning in mid-2018, clients seen have been distributed throughout Australia in both regional and urban areas.

Client Geographical Distribution (updated Dec 2021)


During the last few years, we have seen women who wish to use our services with the intent of only harvesting their eggs and Storing them for future Transfer. Please let us know if this is your intention and we can also assist you with this goal

IVF Intent (updated Jan 2022)


Many of our clients need to consider alternative options when trying to conceive. This can be due to a large number of reasons, however, they fall into the following three groups

Donor Patterns (updated Jan 2022)


As much as we want to avoid the use of categories, they are effective in demonstrating to clients that they are catered for in the services we provide. The following graph shows the top three groups that approach us for help.

Client Type (updated Jan 2022)