How do I connect my mobile device /computer to you for the appointment?

Click on the link, you will be sent and you will be able to connect to the “virtual waiting room”. You can connect by clicking the “Video Link” button on the Fertilitypsych.com.au website. You will require Chrome, Edge or Firefox on a PC/MAC, or from a mobile phone or tablet it will prompt you to download a helper app.

Please test this part in advance – you can connect anytime, and it will take you to the “virtual waiting room” If you hear the music, the connection is successful, and the appointment will commence at the scheduled time.

How do I make an appointment?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, however before making an appointment you will first need a referral from your GP, which must request an assessment and management plan.

Once you have a referral, contact us so that an appointment can be made.

The referral should be emailed to: admin@FertilityPsych.com.au

Is there a fax number to send the referral to otherwise?

Yes, it is 02 4744 2474.

Can I discuss questions prior to obtaining a GP referral?

Please email or fax us and we will respond by email or call you if you send your telephone number.

What is address for a GP referral?

Please arranged for your referral to a be addressed to:

Dr Justine Schelle
Red Tree Practice
99 Commonwealth Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

How long are the appointments?

Assessments are approximately 60 minutes.

When will my report be available?

Our aim is to have a report emailed to you and your referring doctor within two business days of your appointment.

What will my report contain?
  • Psychiatric Assessment report outlines your history, diagnosis and suggestions for your treatment (psychological intervention, medication etc) so that your GP can assist with this.  Any treatment suggestions will be discussed with you during your appointment so that you can organise a follow up appointment with your GP at a suitable time.
  • Superannuation Access Form is an ATO standard form. You can download it here.
What are the impacts of COVID-19?

Please review our page on COVID-19

Can I see you in person?

Yes, this can be arranged if you are in Sydney.  It is possible to attend our consulting rooms in either Surry Hills or Enmore.

How do I know if where I live is classified as metropolitan or rural?

Look at www.doctorconnect.gov.au for the “Search The Map” tab.

Click on the box next to Modified Monash Model (2019) and type in your address.  Your remoteness classification will be stated. If your MMM rating is from MMM2-MMM7 your location is eligible for Medicare funded telepsychiatry.

If you have difficulty with this, please let us know.

Do you write prescriptions?

We do not write prescriptions. If required, we request that prescriptions are written by your GP as they will be the primary care provider.

Do you offer an emergency service?

No.  In an emergency situation, it is best to call 000 or attend your local Emergency Department.  Assistance in less urgent situations can be obtained from your local community mental health team (contacted via your local hospital) or GP.

Can I access my super early for IVF?

Well the simple answer to that question is ‘yes’. The second question you should be asking is ‘and can I make the application myself?’ Now this is a really important question to ask, because the answer is most definitely ‘yes!’ There are two standard approaches which include the use of a organisation to make the application on your behalf, or you can independently approach medical professionals who can provide the necessary documentation to support your application to the ATO. At FertilityPsych we support you in making the application in the most cost effective manner.

Can I access my partner’s super?

Provided they are agreeable, yes you can.  The referral and appointment needs to be for whoever is having the treatment (IUI or IVF), irrespective of whose super is being accessed.  Your partner is welcome to attend the appointment with you.

Is my data safe?

FertilityPsych is compliant with the requirements of the Australian Privacy Principles.